The Business Wolf

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The antidote for over-promising, under-delivering consultancy houses.
What good is business theory if it’s only ever good in theory?
What use is out-of-the-box thinking if inside-the-box is broken.
We offer tailor-made solutions,
not cookie-cutter schemes.
We prefer hands-on to hands-off.

Welcome to The Business Wolf, a new breed of management consultancy.

We’re all about delivering outcomes for our clients’ businesses. Sure everybody says that, so what makes us any different? We believe our unique way of working is what sets us apart. We function as an antidote to the over-promising, over-charging, under-delivering consultancy houses.

Key differentiators;

We live in the real world with real world experience.

We deliver tailor-made, actionable advice, not cookie-cutter templates & procedures.

We will give you an actual answer, not a response that leads to more questions.

We prefer hands on to hands off.

There’s beauty in simplicity.

We lead from the front, rather than advising from the sidelines.

We often ask ourselves, what use is out-of-the-box thinking, if inside the box is broken?

At The Business Wolf we’re committed to delivering powerful, actual change. It’s the combination of progressive thinking, fact-based analysis, plus 20 years of broad-range experience which makes us truly different from the pack. Sometimes, that means getting in the trenches with you, rolling up our sleeves, mucking in, no nannying about, getting the job done!

Get it done.


What We Do


Leading from the front,
back and everywhere in-between.

Mergers &

Observe. Analyse. Move.

Turnaround &

We move at pace.
Fast is best.


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