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About Us

So you want more details? Why the Wolf?

Over the past 20 years, we have worked both as management, consultant and leader in >50 organisations, we experienced a large gap between the seriously smart thinking of the top strategy consulting houses and the sleeves rolled up ‘doers’ delivering M&A, turnaround or transformation programs.

We identified several underlying issues behind this:
Theory vs Practice

A lack of pragmatism in solution design, where the analysis and theory looks great on paper, but does not address reality. In reality, the strategists and the ‘doers’ in the consulting houses are from different talent pools so speak different languages


In trying to simplify programs of work, many companies add additional complexity in PMOs, organisational structures and reporting requirements without understanding the problem to be solved

Lack of Leadership

Probably the greatest issue we have seen is a lack of strong leadership in decision making, when issue resolutions or solution designs require tough calls.

In fact, it was wanting to bridging these gaps that led to the establishment of The Business Wolf in early 2019 and what drives our key operating principles:

The best plan is the one that gets implemented! We love simplicity and what’s the easiest way to get from A to E. Therefore, we focus on only what needs to be done not all the other fluff. 

Decisions based on data (leading to actions)

In our experience, a lack of key decision-making wastes time and money and is generally the road to nowhere. Rather than offer you horoscope like answers, we will give you our no-nonsense recommendation or decision based on the data and facts available so that action can be taken ASAP. These will not always be the most popular answer!

Shop floor experience

Based on David Marshall’s earliest employment experience with McDonalds, where shop floor experience drives the business, we value working with your teams at the ‘coal face’ to understand how your business operates, what really drives the engine, and the practical realities of making any change, so that we focus on the possible, not the theory that looks great on PowerPoint. We believe Teams will follow somebody that can speak their language, tell them ‘the why’ and is prepared to roll their sleeves up and support them when the going gets tough.


David Marshall

David Marshall is a seriously hands-on interim leader and management consultant dedicated to the pursuit of progressive thinking, effective leadership, business performance and getting the job done.

His career began in 2000 with Proctor and Gamble UK, sparking his passion for results driven leadership with his straight-shooting, dynamic and energetic style.

With a desire to look at things differently, David honed his fast-paced style and commercial acumen across 7 years of M&A consulting, and due diligence work at PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PwC) and Deloitte in The UK, Europe & Australia.

In 2013, David returned to industry and put theory into practice, leading the turnaround of a national Australian retailer, saving one of Coles’ largest transformation programs ,and restructuring one of Australia’s largest retail telecoms’ brands. In addition, he has gained experience across a broad range of industries and functions, including Retail, FMCG, Health and Telecommunications before founding The Business Wolf in 2019.

With his 20 years’ experience, David proudly bridges that gap between where management consulting ends and real execution starts, seamlessly combining his strategic thinking power and proven leadership ability. In his own words, “In theory there is no difference between theory & practice… in practice, there is!”

Whether it’s maximising value in M&A, building back growth through turnaround & restructuring, or partnering up for major business programs, David relishes in the opportunity to deliver practical solutions with actual results, and loves nothing more than getting the job done at pace, without fuss, winning stakeholder buy-in every step of the way.


Consumer Goods

Procter & Gamble (UK)
John Frieda (UK)
Kao Brands (Europe)
Kraft Foods (Europe)
SCA Hygiene (ANZ)

Birdseye (UK)
Youngs Seafood (UK)
Premier Foods (UK)
Bakkavor Group (Europe)
Riverina Fresh Milk (Aus)

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Dixons Group (UK)
McDonalds (UK)
Riot Art & Craft (Aus)

Monsoon & Accessorize (UK)
Peacocks Group (UK)
The Card Factory (UK)
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Optus Business
Vocus Group

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Heavy Industrials

Corus Steel (Europe)
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Ideal Standard (Europe)
Exact Mining (Aus)
Evolution Mining (Aus)

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Glencore Grain (Aus)
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