Leading from the front, back and everywhere in-between.

Interim Leadership

Anyone can advise from the sidelines, but teams are looking for decisiveness, clarity & direction from their leaders during times of change. It’s about inspiring the confidence to act in the people around you, no matter who they are, or what their role is.
It’s about alignment, empowerment and connection, beyond the meetings and bureaucracy encroaching on modern businesses today.

At The Business Wolf we’ll parachute in, deliver a major change - or program of work - within a 6-18 month window and commit ourselves to delivering the outcome with your team, not ours. It’s about engaging with the task, protecting what’s working already, and getting the job done as a strong, unified team.

Because at the end of the day, no-one knows your business better than the people in it.

Services List:

Interim CEO

Interim COO

Interim Exec-GM

Interim Chief Product Officer

Interim Chief Commercial Officer.


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