We move at pace. Fast is best.

Turnaround & Restructuring

For any business in 2020 and beyond, change is inevitable. The question is, how fast can you change to meet the challenges that come with it?

In a crisis, we move fast to secure cash flow, ahead of reducing costs within the business. In the same way you can’t stop a sinking ship if all you’re doing is making the holes smaller.

We work to identify ‘no regret’ measures, and explore a range of ideas to identify the best ‘fit-for-purpose’ model.

We’ll help you make informed decisions, with a range of approaches, tools and methodologies designed to bring back growth. Fast.

In this game it’s not about deciding when you should move, but how fast you can do it.

Services List:

Product Re-Design, Selection & Pricing (Sell more, sell profitably)

Go-to-Market restructure (More customers, more sales)

No regrets cost cuts (Quick wins to reduce bills)

Operating Structure (Right team, right size, right job)

Non-people costs reset.


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